Extinction Rebellion

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Extinction Rebellion is an organisation using Non-Violent Direct Action and other means to pressure governments to take action on climate change, biodiversity loss and other boundaries of human existence on Earth.


Extinction Rebellion website

XR Talks | Roger Hallam | Non-Violent Direct Action - Extinction Rebellion ExtinctionRebellion; YouTube; 3 Mar 2019

Roger Hallam talks about the rationale for NVDA

November 2018 London bridges action

Life inside Extinction Rebellion: 'We can't get arrested quick enough' Bruno Rinvolucri; The Guardian/YouTube; 22 Nov 2018

April 2019 London action

Extinction Rebellion ​'shutdown' London Bruno Rinvolucri; The Guardian/YouTube; 17 Apr 2019

Public response

Analysis of public opinion in response to the Extinction Rebellion actions in London, April 2019 Ben Kenward; ; 20 Apr 2019

In advance of the Extinction Rebellion actions in London, April 2019, Dr. Cameron Brick (Cambridge University) and Dr. Ben Kenward (Oxford Brookes University) created a survey to assess the response of the general public to the actions.
At the point at which the rebellion had not yet begun to target dedicated public transport infrastructure, it had more support than opposition from the UK public.