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Footprint to Wings is a US-based project aiming to get US States engaged in a football-like competition to be the first to achieve zero carbon: "Turning the Race to Zero Carbon into a national pastime!"

The founder and Executive Director of Footprint to Wings is Rezwan Razani, who presents the projects videos.

Footprint to Wings website

(If you don't want to watch all the videos the first and last probably give most of the useful information)

Turning the Race to Zero Carbon into a National Pastime Footprint to Wings; YouTube; 13 Sep 2016

How would you turn the race to zero carbon into a national pastime? Join Footprint to Wings and our merry band of Carbon Free Coaches.

We coach you to zero carbon and beyond! Footprint to Wings; YouTube; 27 Nov 2017

Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic Overview, First Draft Footprint to Wings; YouTube; 1 Aug 2017

ZC4 - Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic Campaign! Footprint to Wings; YouTube; 24 Nov 2017

More on the process