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The Hualong One (also known as Hualong 1 and HPR1000) is a pressurized water nuclear reactor with features merged from reactors made by the China General Nuclear Power Group (CGNPG) and the China National Nuclear Corporation, and originally derived from a French design.

Hualong One merged design Wikipedia

China’s “Hualong 1” passes the first stage of the UK GDA process Euan Mearns / Andy Dawson; Energy Matters; 24 Nov 2017

With little fanfare last week, the Chinese designed HPR1000 (previously Hualong-1), pressurised water reactor, cleared the first of four stages in the General Design Assessment (GDA) administered by the UK Office of Nuclear Regulation (ONR). China General Nuclear (CGN) proposes to build 2 reactors of this design at the Bradwell site in England, in partnership with French state-owned EDF that currently operates all UK commercial reactors.
This guest post by Andy Dawson gives a preliminary overview of the design focussing on safety systems.