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A New Way to Do Nuclear GARETH COOK; New Yorker; 13 Jun 2013

Can Nuclear Energy Save the World? Brookings Institution; 12 Dec 2014

Nuclear engineers Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie share their progress on creating safer and more efficient nuclear energy technologies to power the world and address the looming threat of climate change.

Leslie and Mark's Old/New Idea Josh Freed; Brookings Institute; 12 Dec 2014


Section 1 of this white paper briefly reviews the molten salt reactor concept, and then explains the key technology innovations in the TAP reactor design. Section 2 describes the reactor itself – including the nuclear island layout, fuel composition, moderator, materials, and the system’s neutronics and waste stream – and examines the technology in more detail. The next sections focus on the benefits that this new design enables: Section 3 discusses improved inherent safety, Section 4 describes the lower cost, Section 5 explains how the TAP reactor reduces waste storage times and lowers the hurdle for a new waste repository, and Section 6 analyzes the anti-proliferation benefits. In Sections 7 and 8, we explain why we chose this design pathway instead of a fast-spectrum or thorium-fueled reactor. Section 9 describes likely future advances to the reactor design and the benefits these will enable. Section 10, the conclusion, summarizes our analysis.

July 2016 white paper

Molten salt reactor neutronics data released World Nuclear News; 8 Jul 2016

Transatomic Power Corporation has released technical information on the design of its molten salt reactor (MSR), which it says offers multiple advantages over existing generation technologies. The technical white paper issued by the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company outlines how its 1250 MWth reactor design - the TAP MSR - uses the properties of its liquid fuel to increase fuel utilization while decreasing the overall amount of waste produced.

press release 6 Jul 2016

Transatomic Power Corporation today released a new technical white paper detailing its ground-breaking nuclear reactor design, an unprecedented step for an early-stage nuclear reactor developer. The paper, which was posted to the company’s website, provides an in-depth look at the science underlying the core design, and further demonstrates its multiple advantages over existing power generation technologies.

white paper