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As with opposition to modern agriculture, especially biotechnology, and medicine, especially vaccines, there are various factors in opposition to nuclear energy.


Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ as a model for Australian climate policy? Graham Palmer, Energy Matters; June 2014

history of anti-nuclear movements in Germany & Australia

Shellenberger On The Anti-Nuclear Movement: A Synopsis William Walter Kay; Principia Scientifica International; 21 Nov 2018

Synopsis of Michael Shellenberger's views on the anti-nuclear movement.
(Note: Principia Scientifica International is an AGW denialist organisation)

Beyond Nuclear

site hosting a range of anti-nuclear scare stories, approvingly citing Helen Caldicott

Fossil fuel industry astroturf campaigns

No Nuke Subsidies: Let the Free Market Work Natural Gas Now blog

Natural Gas Industry Blasts Nuclear Power With Fake News James Conca; Forbes; 15 Jun 2017

The American Petroleum Institute has flooded the airwaves in Ohio and Pennsylvania with anti-nuke commercials by pushing fear – fear of higher prices and fear of radiation.

Food and Water Watch

Dark Money Behind Food & Water Watch Ad Blitz Attacking Clean Energy in New York Environmental Progress; 9 Jun 2017

A $14 million-a-year anti-nuclear outfit called Food and Water Watch refuses to say who is funding its slick, last minute TV ad blitz and lobbying effort aimed at killing New York's largest source of clean energy in the state legislature.

The climate scientist James Hansen calls Food & Water Watch the "most anti-environmental of all the anti-nuclear groups in New York" Environmental Progress; 3 Nov 2016

“It’s sad to see the effort by Food and Water Watch to close New York’s largest source of clean power, nuclear energy," said climate scientist James Hansen in a statement today. "If their efforts succeed, they will increase fossil fuel burning, pollution, asthma, and premature deaths. With its campaign, Food and Water Watch has established itself as the most anti-environmental of all of the anti-nuclear groups operating in New York state. Thank goodness Governor Cuomo is exhibiting good common sense on this matter.”

Nuclear and AGW mitigation

Nuclear power : a false solution to climate change Sortir de Nucleaire

French anti-nuclear group Wikipedia
Makes series of claims against nuclear energy, including GHG emissions, expense, waste, disaster, proliferation; and argues for conservation, 100% Renewables (citing ADEME and Jacobson) and Germany

‘Emission free’ nuclear power is more greenwash Justin McKeating; Greenpeace blog

How Nuclear Power Causes Global Warming Harvey Wasserman; The Progressive; 21 Sep 2016

Supporters of nuclear power like to argue that nukes are the key to combatting climate change. Here’s why they are dead wrong.
A Gish Gallop of anti-nuclear claims ranging from misleading to completely untrue.

False solution: Nuclear power is not 'low carbon' Keith Barnham; Ecologist; 5 Feb 2015

Claims that nuclear power is a 'low carbon' energy source fall apart under scrutiny, writes Keith Barnham. Far from coming in at six grams of CO2 per unit of electricity for Hinkley C, as the Climate Change Committee believes, the true figure is probably well above 50 grams - breaching the CCC's recommended limit for new sources of power generation beyond 2030.


Point Refuted a Thousand Times: “Nuclear is not low-carbon” Luke Weston; Energy Reality Project; 2015

This is a rebuttal to Barnham’s recent opinion piece in The Ecologist titled, False solution: Nuclear power is not ‘low carbon’.

So, it’s 2015 and we’re still having to go back over Storm van Leeuwen and Smith, again?

This was debunked and done to death and put to bed over 10 years ago ...

William T. Vollmann - No Immediate Danger

The Ideology of Fear: William T. Vollmann and Nuclear Power Will Boisvert; Progress and Peril; 9 Apr 2018

Review of No Immediate Danger: Volume One of Carbon Ideologies