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The Birth Strike movement, which started in the UK in March 2019, comprises people from various parts of the world who have made personal choices not to have children because of the environmental crisis which they would be bringing their children into, and who wish to make their decisions public to draw attention to the crisis. Birth Strike emphasises that it does not advocate population control or seek to shame those who do choose to have children.[1]

Birth Strike has a website at, and a tumblr at

Media articles about Birth Strike

For some millennials, climate change clock ticks louder than biological one by James Rainey; NBC News; 21 April 2019 [article]

SEATTLE — Erika Lundahl writes and performs her own songs. She works in Seattle for a company that publishes books on the environment. She thinks a lot about how best to occupy her place in the world. Yet, despite this full life, Lundahl, at 27, feels a clock ticking.

Her biological clock, yes, but also the one to fix global warming, or face the likelihood that she and her potential children will have to live in a seriously marginalized world.

“There is this sense that if you don’t have kids soon, you could be putting them in a harder position,” Lundahl said. “But if you do have them, that will not be easy either, with the storms, the intense droughts, the precariousness of the times. It’s like you are playing with two ticking time bombs — yours and the planet’s.”

Miley Cyrus says she wouldn't even consider having kids until climate change is addressed: 'I refuse to hand that down to my child' by Callie Ahlgrim; Insider; 12 Jul 2019 [article]

The "She Is Coming" singer revealed that she wouldn't consider having children until climate change has been properly addressed.

"We're getting handed a piece-of-s--- planet, and I refuse to hand that down to my child," Cyrus said. "Until I feel like my kid would live on an earth with fish in the water, I'm not bringing in another person to deal with that."

The people who won't have kids because of climate change, Channel 4 News "Uncovered" programme, 10 Apr 2019 [video]

"I would feel irresponsible bringing a child into the world right now."

These women say they will not have kids because they fear they’ll grow up in a world devastated by climate change.

  1. FAQ on Birth Strike website: [article]