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Main Page

  • Energy What is energy, Watt is power, Horses, TOEs, Homes and cars on the road, Capacity Factor, EROEI, Carbon Intensity, Safety etc
    • Present: How much energy we currently use, what we use it for, and where it comes from.
    • Poverty: The relationship between energy, poverty eradication and development.
    • Future: How our energy mix needs to change to become sustainable.
    • 100% renewables: characteristics of proposed schemes especially with regard to storage, MZJ & legal case, Zero Carbon Britain. Rationales for rejecting nuclear, CCS etc
    • ethics: The ethical problem with schemes rejecting particular clean energy sources
    • Nuclear Energy The disconnect between scientific assessment and public perception. (This page ought probably be elsewhere, with an introduction to nuclear at this node)
      • More about nuclear energy What about Fukushima? Chernobyl? Three Mile Island? Nuclear Waste? Proliferation? Radiation?
      • nuclear radiation Safety and dangers.
      • Safety of nuclear energy
    • Renewable Energy What does "renewable" mean? About "renewable" energy sources.
    • Energy Storage Why we need to store electricity and how we can do it.

Pages planned include:

  • Climate Change This site presupposes acceptance of the science regarding AGW and its effects but will include a summary and links to denialism-debunking resources e.g. Skeptical Science, Potholer54 videos, deSmog blog etc
  • Carbon Capture & Storage and BECCS
  • Nuclear basics of nuclear energy, thermal and fast neutron spectrum, light and heavy water, molten salt reactors, breeders. Proliferation: Magnox and RBMK. Uranium v Thorium, gas cooled, pebble bed, SMRs, Moltex, Terrestrial Energy, Thorcon, Flibe Energy, Terrapower, NuScale. Accidents: TMI, Chernobyl, * Fukushima. Myths & disinformation. Fission and fusion. The anti-nuclear movement.
  • IPCC What it is, how it works, political constraints, links to publications
  • Geoengineering Current unintentional GE (CO2, aerosols) and possible intentional interventions
  • Science What makes good science, how can non-scientists (or non-specialists in a field) know what is reliable and what is doubtful. Peer review and higher-level peer review etc.
  • Science Communication The science of science communication, the information deficit model, backfire effect, cognitive biases, Dunning-Kruger effect, liberal v conservative value systems, framing, story-telling etc
  • Activism Environmentalism v. EcoModernism, political action, direct action (XR etc), legal action, economic action (divestment etc). Activism and mental health, burnout, self-care etc
  • Agriculture and land use Biodiversity, feeding the world, plant v animal-based foods. Soil CO2 sequestration. Rewilding.
  • Oceans Acidification, fishing, remediation etc
  • About author, motivation, influences, acknowledgements (MacKay etc)
  • Resources books, websites, videos etc e.g. SEWTHA, Bananas, 6 degrees, God species, Climate Gamble, Don't even think about it Mark Henderson), IPCC reports, IEA, BP statistical review, Our World In Data, Hans Rosling / Gapminder etc