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Discussion on efficiency and energy cost of amine process etc

Philip De Groot John Hartshorn Here are some notes I took while reading a book called Carbon Capture by one of the leading experts on the subject in the US.
pg. 37
The amine process typically captures a little over 90% of the CO2 in a flue gas. This is an economic optimum. Technically the process can capture a higher percentage of CO2 but the costs escalate significantly as the amount of CO2 remaining in the flue gas becomes very dilute. The purity of the CO2 is very high, greater than 99%.
pg. 39
Amine removal of CO2 from flue gas consumes .29 kWh/kg CO2. This is termed an energy penalty. Capturing 90% of CO2 emissions from a coal plant costs 24% of its energy generation. The penalty for a Natural Gas Combined Cycle plant is 14%.
It drives up the cost of electricity produced from burning: coal by 43%, gas by 28%.
Mitigation cost $/tCO2 $63 for coal $87 for gas.
pg. 40
Carbon prices (taxes) well above $100/tCO2 will be needed to reach climate goals.
Mitigation costs are greater for gas because the concentration of CO2 in the flue gas is lower.

Discussion of cost of removing and storing CO2